Registering and Voting are Easy!


First-time Voter Registration Applications without a Signature on File


If you do not have a signature on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles, the county elections office will require a signed voter registration application. You can submit that by printing, signing, and mailing in your application. In Ventura County, the address is Ventura County Elections Division, 800 S Victoria Ave, Ventura, CA 93009.  If you cannot print, sign, and mail in your application, you may go ahead and submit it online without your signature. You will be mailed a document that must be signed and returned to the county elections office. Your registration will be delayed until the county receives your signed document.




Due to the uncertain timing of mail delivery, it is important to submit your application as soon as possible. To be registered to vote, you must complete your registration no less than 15 days before the election (by Oct 19).  After the 15 day deadline, people who are eligible to vote, but have not yet registered, may still vote by registering and casting a Conditional Voter Registration (CVR) ballot at an in-person voting location or at the Ventura County Elections Division.  



You may contact us if you have any questions, by submitting a message here:

Early voting takes place from Monday, October 5, 2020 to Monday, November 2, 2020 (dates may vary according to location). 

Fill out your voter registration application ASAP so you'll be ready to send in your ballot during the voting period.

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As of July 3rd, 2020, Ventura County has over 470,000 registered voters! See Report Here.
However, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the total Ventura County population is over 846,000 (updated on July 1st, 2019).

This means there is a HUGE potential to get hundreds of thousands more registered voters! Make sure you are counted. Register to vote NOW! 

Why Vote?


Many folks in our communities are unable to vote due to reasons such as immigration status. Do not let your voice go to waste. Fight for those who do not have the chance to be heard through voting.


When you vote, you are not only casting a vote that will affect you, but everyone in your community. Think of the variety of individuals you interact with on a daily basis. Are you exercising your civil liberty? Make an impact for yourself and for others. Register to vote today! 

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Triple Your Vote!

We are asking each of you to contact at least 3 other individuals with our link to get the most out of your network! That means your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone who wants their voice heard! Don't hesitate to pass along the message that EVERYONE'S voice must be heard!

Join our Volunteer Team 

Are you interested in voter registration outreach efforts and more Buen Vecino opportunities? We'd love to have you on our team! Join our mission to make an impact today! 


For more information, please visit our partner, Voto Latino Foundation: 



Amplify your voice! Download and share these assets to easily promote voting. 

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