About Buen

Buen Vecino was created as a response to the fear, stress, and threats being experienced in our community by immigrants, their families, and all who are subjected to racial profiling. Too many people have been persecuted and had their rights violated. Too many families have been torn apart by the devastating consequences when parents are taken away from their children. The fear of these traumatic events permeates daily life for thousands of our neighbors.

The needs that Buen Vecino is here to address have existed for decades, but conditions have grown worse since the most recent Presidential campaign. Immigrants have been demonized and described as dangerous criminals who should be hunted and captured like animals.

Buen Vecino aims to reduce the fear and anxiety people are experiencing as a result. We teach fundamental rights afforded to all people in this country. When people know their basic rights, they are better prepared to respond to questions from authorities, invoke the power of their constitutional protections, avoid trouble, and breathe easier. We educate people in trusted environments. Communication is done in people’s preferred language. We teach information that makes a difference, and we encourage people to pass the information on to others.

We also teach allies to become better informed and prepared to support our mission by addressing the root causes of immigration, for which we all share a responsibility. We believe that when people of good will are well informed and stand together we are much more effective than when we stand apart.

We welcome and value the immigrants in our midst. Immigrants contribute to our economy and perform much of the labor that enables us all to put food on our tables. All of us in this country are bound together by our common immigrant roots, dedication to our families, working hard, and making our community greater. That is why Buen Vecino embraces all the immigrant communities in our region.